The standout puffy coats for winter and the designers who are setting the trends

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Winter is coming and with that, a coat that can stand up to the harsh winter winds is a must have. Long are the days of boring puffy jackets. The evolution of the puffy coat has come a long way, from not only being practical but fashion forward.

One of the biggest brands breaking the fashion mold is Moncler. An Italian powerhouse in the winter apparel design, Moncler has made headlines with their latest winter designs. They have unveiled designs using the puffy coat material we all know but, they have reshaped them into full-length dresses, hooded cape coats and more!


So let’s talk reality, I don't know anyone who is running out to buy a full hooded cape puffy coat dress (although it has sold out online). You just look like a walking igloo of fashion art, but maybe that's the point. It may not be practical but it did get Moncler talked about and that’s the point of high-end fashion (at least for the brands). But by reimagining what coats can be and the material, Moncler is helping the evolution of the puffy coat, moving past just a square box shape to something that has curves and movement.

I was surprised when looking on the site at the dresses, that some were actually wearable and very beautiful. Sleek black silhouettes with embroidered little flower puffs around the top. You could actually buy this and wear it right off the rack.

Now don't get the brand wrong, it is a luxury brand that is famous for its winter apparel. I love the patterns and styles and I had a lot of fun dreaming of how I would draw my illustrations for this story. I loved coming up with my ice skater in the snow globe. So don't just think the brand is hooded cape dresses, they offer some major high-end winter apparel that will keep you chic and warm on the Alps!


They also have branched out into dog apparel. It will cost your four-legged pup a very pretty penny to own one of these jackets.

So although the full-length coat dress might not be for you or me, here are some more fashion-forward puffy style coats.

Here are a slew of other much more affordable options. Some offer body shaping seamlines to help show your figure. While others offer fun prints and different quilting patterns to make you stand out from the crowd.