A Fall collection so HOT, we can understand why the Devil is wearing Prada!


A rainbow of colors, an array of feathers, crystals and art deco elegance, this is Prada Fall 2017 and we are obsessed. This is questionably one of the best collections Prada has brought to us; it has every bit of art deco elegance and glamour all wrapped in a sophistication only Prada can produce.


What lesson can we take away from the fall collection?

COLOR, COLOR, COLOR. Fall this year will be in a class all it’s own. Prada rocks colors from turquoise blues, ruby reds, peaches, bubble gum pink, emerald green and more. This collection brings a touch of mens wear with it’s clean cuts but adds touches of femininity with ostrich feathers and brooches galore. 

If you love the illustrations scroll below to shop the designs!

If you love the illustrations scroll below to shop the designs!


The glamour of the past with the style of the present!

If you love and appreciate the art deco era, this collection will be a huge source of inspiration to you. You will notice brooch pins all over the accessories from shoes to bags. Pendant necklaces so huge they will weigh you down with style. 

Brace yourself for the SHOES!

If you could dream of a shoe collection with bold, quintessential girlie style, it would be this collection (as you can note I can’t stop drawing them! ). Perfectly pink satin heels, heels with jewels encrusted all over, funky twist with golden circles on the heel and i’m getting overwhelmed in the perfection of this collection. But Prada also gave us menwear inspired shoes (still a trend going very strong). Prada offered us loafers with feathers and crystals from slides in rich velvets with a brooch to top it off. The shoes are a candy shop for us fashion lovers and we are on a sugar overload.

What I took away from the runway show was that we can be strong, feminine women but that doesn't mean we have to wear a plain black suit. It shows us that fashion can be fun and expressive  no matter what career we have.  We can step out of the box and add fun, frivolous glamour to any outfit we choose.




I’ve had such great feed back from all the illustrations that I am expanding them to my existing t-shirt collection. Below are a select few designs that I have released! You can shop all the designs through Zazzle! I love Zazzle because they allow you, the customer to pick what type of shirt you like whether it be slim cut or relaxed fit. I suggest the fit called Bella’s Canvas relaxed (what the model is wearing). You also can change the shirt color or make it into a dress! The options are endless so have fun making it your own!

I also offer mugs and pillows. More items are coming so stay up to date in my newsletter. Thank you all for your support in my art and blog!