New York Fashion Week: The good, the bad & the most seen trends!

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano


It's time for a recap of New York Fashion Week. What were the biggest trends, colors, and styles? This year I found NYFW to be lackluster and it hurts to say that. A lot of the trends on the runway were a blast from the past (huge silhouettes that are not going to transition well off the runway). I kept watching each day to see what outfits and designers I wanted to illustrate for you but I was disappointed that a lot were not worth even drawing.


I will say it was nice to see some different body types include this year. But still many top designers that preach they are body inclusive had such extremely thin models. I found myself looking at their bones and not the clothes.

I LOVED Christian Siriano's show (featured in both illustrations above). Not only did he have one of my favorite artist, Ashley Longshore and her paintings on the runway but he also included many body types from thin, average and curvy. He also included a pop art-inspired dress which was a lip inspired lace look.

Ralph Lauren brought an ultra-glamorous look. Lauren's runway and the venue were art deco meets Hollywood movie star and it was marvelous. Lauren had a live jazz band that would rival a Great Gatsby party and even Janelle Monáe took the stage to sing!

Rodarte did a photoshoot of the collection. The models were actresses and stars. The pictures were as elegant as a painting. Soft floral motifs and polka dots wrapped elegantly around the models. Romantic dresses were the star of the photos with puffy sleeves and tulle to go on for yards.

But let's cut to the juicy stuff and talk about the most repeated trends that walked the catwalk.


1. Suits

OMG suits were all over the place! From the classic suit and pants to dresses with big skirts and a suit inspired structured top. This is going to be a huge trend! Lauren showed a dress which I chose to illustrate for you. It was a brilliant yellow silk paired with a vest top. Gigi Hadid wore one of my most loved looks. It featured a glitter long suit jacket with a classic white top and cumber belt. Suit jackets were everywhere from Tory Burch, Michael Kors, and Tom Ford.

So think about incorporating structured silhouettes to your wardrobe to imitate this trend.


2. Floppy Bows

The bigger the bow the better and remember keep it floppy! I was getting lost in the number of floppy bows that were on the runways. From Tory Burch to Naeem Khan the big floppy bow is back. Wear it on a blouse, hairclip, or maybe even a wrap-around belt.


3. Colors

The color spotted most was YELLOW! Bight and saturated, yellow ruled the catwalk. It was all over Tory Burch's runway. Lauren had it on dresses, and as a fur trim on suit jackets. Oscar de la Renta had it splashed with other colors as well as Trina Turk.

What's not to love about this color. It's bright and happy and uplifts your mood. Add small splashed of it or go bold with a full-on look.

Now that you have the wrap on NYFW, I am really hoping that London and Paris bring us the high fashion that NYFW lacked this year. Stay tuned for a break down of the other Fashion Weeks. And follow me on Instagram for the most up to date paintings and fashion break downs.