The standout puffy coats for winter and the designers who are setting the trends

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Winter is coming and with that, a coat that can stand up to the harsh winter winds is a must have. Long are the days of boring puffy jackets. The evolution of the puffy coat has come a long way, from not only being practical but fashion forward.

One of the biggest brands breaking the fashion mold is Moncler. An Italian powerhouse in the winter apparel design, Moncler has made headlines with their latest winter designs. They have unveiled designs using the puffy coat material we all know but, they have reshaped them into full-length dresses, hooded cape coats and more!


So let’s talk reality, I don't know anyone who is running out to buy a full hooded cape puffy coat dress (although it has sold out online). You just look like a walking igloo of fashion art, but maybe that's the point. It may not be practical but it did get Moncler talked about and that’s the point of high-end fashion (at least for the brands). But by reimagining what coats can be and the material, Moncler is helping the evolution of the puffy coat, moving past just a square box shape to something that has curves and movement.

I was surprised when looking on the site at the dresses, that some were actually wearable and very beautiful. Sleek black silhouettes with embroidered little flower puffs around the top. You could actually buy this and wear it right off the rack.

Now don't get the brand wrong, it is a luxury brand that is famous for its winter apparel. I love the patterns and styles and I had a lot of fun dreaming of how I would draw my illustrations for this story. I loved coming up with my ice skater in the snow globe. So don't just think the brand is hooded cape dresses, they offer some major high-end winter apparel that will keep you chic and warm on the Alps!


They also have branched out into dog apparel. It will cost your four-legged pup a very pretty penny to own one of these jackets.

So although the full-length coat dress might not be for you or me, here are some more fashion-forward puffy style coats.

Here are a slew of other much more affordable options. Some offer body shaping seamlines to help show your figure. While others offer fun prints and different quilting patterns to make you stand out from the crowd.

Deck yourself with things that sparkle: The holiday jewelry list you've been dreaming of!

Featuring Tory Burch Earrings

Featuring Tory Burch Earrings


Deck yourself with things that sparkle, Fa la la la la la la la!

It’s that time of the year again, we not only need some inspiration lists but some gift and wishlist ideas. From needing ideas for dinners out to holiday events to big holiday galas, this story will have something for you and then a little something extra!

I’ve covered gift list items that are more reasonably priced from our favorite designers like Kate Spade who offers so many fun and standout jewelry pieces. Then we have our higher end gift list with designers such as David Yurman who’s designs never go out of style.

Featuring Adriana Orsini earrings from Saks

Featuring Adriana Orsini earrings from Saks


But what would our list be without adding some items that would be on our dream list from designers such as Bayco and Fabergé!

So have your hot cup of cocoa ready and get ready to shop and drool over these jewelry finds!

Dream List: We're kicking off our holiday list with our dream list finds, because if you don't dream and shoot for the stars then you will never see them :)


I was lucky enough to get to see some of Bayco’s jewelry items in person and let me tell you they are simply breathtaking. The saturation and quality of the gemstones are next level and if you are able to see them in person then do not pass the chance. So what more fitting for our holiday dream list then an enormous ruby cabochon encrusted with diamonds. This ruby will shine so bright it will put Rudolph out of business. And if red is not your color they have some of the most beautiful emeralds and sapphires I've seen so be sure to check them out!

bayco small.jpg


If you want to give a gift wrapped in history then there is no better company to turn to then Fabergé. Known for their eggs and exceptional expertise, the craftsmanship of Fabergé is second to none. I love that Fabergé has extended their egg tradition into pendants and they offer many selections. A beautiful pick for a holiday gift is the locket egg pendant. These pendants feature the famous guilloché enamel and they keep with the Fabergé tradition of a surprise and reveal an enamel red heart inside.



Taking a walk on the wild side this jewelry house is perfect for the animal lover or those who want to stand out with a classic. One item we often forget to accessorize with is brooches. There are often forgotten about but can be a get out of the box addition to your outfit. There are so many options not only just pinned on your shirt but used as anything from a bow tie clip to even a hair accessory nowadays! This Cartier Panther brooch is the perfect addition to our dream list because it is so versatile and can be accessorized in so many ways.


Gift List

Kate Spade

Known for fun and energetic pieces this year Spade did not disappoint. It was hard to narrow down what pieces to draw but I absolutely loved these pom pom fur earrings. Not only are they festive for the holidays but being fur would make them light in weight also. They are a good pick for those who want a statement earring but don’t want their ears weighed down.

If pom poms are not your style Spade also offers fun styles like chandeliers that are in the shape of New York buildings, perfect for New Year's Eve!


Alexis Bittar

If you want to channel a chic ice queen for the holidays then Alexis Bittar is your go to designer. Offering endless designs that feature lucite in an array of colors, theses designs are perfect for the holidays. From elegantly carved and crystal encrusted teardrop pendents that look like a carved icicle, to chunky bold bangles you will be sure to find your icy inspiration with Bittar

Wish List

David Yurman

David Yurman is an American Icon in jewelry design and his pieces are classics that can be passed down from generation to generation. So it’s no wonder that Yurman was included on our list. From his iconic cable bracelets to his Albion rings, Yurman offers a fairly good price range for those who are shopping in the luxury jewelry market.

His Starburst collection is a perfect fit for the holidays as it resembles the twinkling lights of our holiday nights. If you are looking for a statement ring then Yurman is your go-to man. Featured here is this stunning ring from his Renaissance collection featuring Tanzanite and four peridots.



Another American classic, the iconic Tiffany. The Paper Flower collection is a youthful design that is perfect for the year-round wearable item. Featuring delicate petal outlined flowers you can choose from endless options!

Featured here are the Paper Flower earrings

Featured here are the Paper Flower earrings




Cyber Monday is tomorrow! Here is the ultimate shopping guide that will help make it easy for you to shop for family, friends and yourself this season. I broke down the items into the most popular categories from Handbag-aholic, Makeup Queen, Accessory lover, Baby it’s cold outside, Cozy up at home, and High-end jewelry if you dare!

A lot of the items are already on sale so have fun shopping and most of all, have a happy holiday season!


Makeup Queen

Accessory Lover

Baby it's cold outside

Cozy up at home

High-end jewelry: Shop if you dare

Going bold for fall: Stepping out of the box.


If we learned one thing from the fall/winter fashion shows it’s that this fall is about stepping out of the box and having fun. Gucci gave us what I call eccentric grandma chic. Huge, bold chunky sweaters with glitter and text. Enormous glasses that would make the Olsen twins green with envy. Prada as mentioned in my previous story had everything from feathers to huge pendant necklaces. Dries Van Noten brought us color in all shades and textures. These designs are great sources of inspiration on how to style your fall looks.

So I wanted to have fun with this fall outfit by mixing different patterns and textures. This fall to me is stepping over to the eccentric side. Step out of that normal fall style box of dark shades and add bold touches of color and textures like feathers.

Check out my last post for the must have fall jackets in every style and on sale!

Shop my items below some and other items to kick off your new fall style!


Must have fall jackets in every style & on sale!


Fall is just around the corner and with that jacket season will be coming in full force. Now is the best time to grab all those jacket styles you are craving for the fall. SALES,SALES, SALES!! With major designers having sales at the moment I’ve picked a select of jackets in all different price ranges for you!

A jacket for every occasion from work day blazers, weekend leather, classic feminine, and military chic you will find a jacket for every fall look you want to create!

Weekday Warriors: The must have blazers

Friday Night Lights: Leather jackets 

Wonderland: Feminine touches

Military chic

Why Tory Burch is one of the top designers for fall/winter 2017!


Gilded, embellished, embroidered, statement worthy! These all describe the Tory Burch's fall 2017 collection. This collection is one that I am eagerly awaiting. Last week Tory Burch released a few of the items for sale and I was anxious to snatch up a few. 

Why should you look to Tory for your Fall inspiration? 

Tory’s Fall collection exudes elegance and glamour with a bohemian twist. Moroccan style shoes and her iconic tunic dresses from overly embellished handbags in rich fall palettes! This collection embodies everything that fall fashion should be.


On a high note!

Tory’s handbags for fall are her best yet! First let’s look at her twist on the top handle bag. A long leather strap that wraps around your wrist as the handle, connected to a gorgeous black silhouette with rich gold embroidery. Classic, elegant and a different design from the standard evening top handle clutch.


What I am most eagerly awaiting is this handbag (pictured above). An exquisitely designed and overly embellished large statement bag! Contrasting the black fabric body are hundreds of white crystals and stitching. A perfect bag for fall to add some dazzle to any outfit. Tory offers this style in a rich burgundy (a statement fall color) as well. This bag gives you the elegance of an evening bag yet it is large enough for your day to day looks. No word on the name of this bag or the price but it should be released within the upcoming weeks.

Slip your feet into a fantasy of shoe designs!


I am gushing over Tory’s shoes for fall. Her designs come in numerous fabrics, brocades and styles. One pair I had to act fast on were the Carlotta Slides. These golden treats are a brocade fabric with a small heel and a squared toe. These shoes will go from day to night and add a twist to any outfit. Also look at her Elora Slides, a Moroccan style loafer that comes in a sunshine yellow or black. These loafers match the embroidery of some of her handbags so if you love to match your shoes and bags these are the perfect choice. 

Tory’s fall collection takes us into a fantasy world where we want to dine in candlelight and explore the fantasy world she has designed. Keep an eye out for when the full collection is released and follow my Instagram for exclusive pictures and illustrations of the fall collection.