I recently stumbled upon a brand of shoes that truly defines versatile. A shoe that working and non working women and moms can wear all day. From running errands, going to work or a night out on the town now our feet can always be in style and comfortable!

Introducing Birdies, the shoe brand that Megan Markle (yes, the Duchess of Sussex) is a huge fan of. I came across this brand in a article about the royal wedding and how the shoe brand made her a custom pair of slippers to wear for the big day.

After researching the brand more, I went ahead and gave them a try! They offer around 4 different styles to choose from. For my first pair I ordered the Phoebe, a traditional loafer slide on. I went ahead and ordered the fuchsia and gold for a pop of fun for the summer.

Found my baby sitting next to the door with my new shoes ready to go on our next adventure! I'm happy I was fast enough to capture the picture before she moved :)

Found my baby sitting next to the door with my new shoes ready to go on our next adventure! I'm happy I was fast enough to capture the picture before she moved :)


First thoughts...

The packaging was beautiful and what I expected it should be for the price. They came with a very nice black shoe bag, perfect to keep them clean for traveling. 

As soon as I slid them on I was so happy. They fit perfectly, true to size but the comfort it offered was like a cloud for the foot. I felt the arch support and the soft cushion under the golden satin. 

I test drove them for an entire day, from breakfast to dinner and they didn’t hurt at all. I also received many compliments from others on the style and color.

The Songbird shoe featured in the fuchsia, citrine and blush

The Songbird shoe featured in the fuchsia, citrine and blush


I can’t wait to add onto my collection! They offer adorable fringe puffs called The Songbird, in fantastic summer colors like citrine, blush and fuchsia (next on my list to order).


The famous Blackbird shoe is unfortunately not available in the size I need (fingers crossed they will expand on more size choices). I’m also hoping the brand expands on patterns and color options. This brand is so comfortable that I can’t wait to see how they grow and see what new designs they offer.

Your feet will be thanking you for indulging in this brand, Whether you want it as a chic house slipper or that all around shoe for your busy schedule, this brand has you covered and will leave your feet in style and comfort.

If you want to try a pair (and make your feet happy) click here to receive $20 off your first qualifying order!



Introducing my fall 2017 shirt line! Inspired by the fall fashion shows that were all about bold shoes and accessories.

Shop the line through Zazzle where you customize the shirt to be perfect for you! Change the color, style and fit! Make it into a shirt, dress, sweatshirt and more.



Going bold for fall: Stepping out of the box.


If we learned one thing from the fall/winter fashion shows it’s that this fall is about stepping out of the box and having fun. Gucci gave us what I call eccentric grandma chic. Huge, bold chunky sweaters with glitter and text. Enormous glasses that would make the Olsen twins green with envy. Prada as mentioned in my previous story had everything from feathers to huge pendant necklaces. Dries Van Noten brought us color in all shades and textures. These designs are great sources of inspiration on how to style your fall looks.

So I wanted to have fun with this fall outfit by mixing different patterns and textures. This fall to me is stepping over to the eccentric side. Step out of that normal fall style box of dark shades and add bold touches of color and textures like feathers.

Check out my last post for the must have fall jackets in every style and on sale!

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A Fall collection so HOT, we can understand why the Devil is wearing Prada!


A rainbow of colors, an array of feathers, crystals and art deco elegance, this is Prada Fall 2017 and we are obsessed. This is questionably one of the best collections Prada has brought to us; it has every bit of art deco elegance and glamour all wrapped in a sophistication only Prada can produce.


What lesson can we take away from the fall collection?

COLOR, COLOR, COLOR. Fall this year will be in a class all it’s own. Prada rocks colors from turquoise blues, ruby reds, peaches, bubble gum pink, emerald green and more. This collection brings a touch of mens wear with it’s clean cuts but adds touches of femininity with ostrich feathers and brooches galore. 

If you love the illustrations scroll below to shop the designs!

If you love the illustrations scroll below to shop the designs!


The glamour of the past with the style of the present!

If you love and appreciate the art deco era, this collection will be a huge source of inspiration to you. You will notice brooch pins all over the accessories from shoes to bags. Pendant necklaces so huge they will weigh you down with style. 

Brace yourself for the SHOES!

If you could dream of a shoe collection with bold, quintessential girlie style, it would be this collection (as you can note I can’t stop drawing them! ). Perfectly pink satin heels, heels with jewels encrusted all over, funky twist with golden circles on the heel and i’m getting overwhelmed in the perfection of this collection. But Prada also gave us menwear inspired shoes (still a trend going very strong). Prada offered us loafers with feathers and crystals from slides in rich velvets with a brooch to top it off. The shoes are a candy shop for us fashion lovers and we are on a sugar overload.

What I took away from the runway show was that we can be strong, feminine women but that doesn't mean we have to wear a plain black suit. It shows us that fashion can be fun and expressive  no matter what career we have.  We can step out of the box and add fun, frivolous glamour to any outfit we choose.




I’ve had such great feed back from all the illustrations that I am expanding them to my existing t-shirt collection. Below are a select few designs that I have released! You can shop all the designs through Zazzle! I love Zazzle because they allow you, the customer to pick what type of shirt you like whether it be slim cut or relaxed fit. I suggest the fit called Bella’s Canvas relaxed (what the model is wearing). You also can change the shirt color or make it into a dress! The options are endless so have fun making it your own!

I also offer mugs and pillows. More items are coming so stay up to date in my newsletter. Thank you all for your support in my art and blog!

Why Tory Burch is one of the top designers for fall/winter 2017!


Gilded, embellished, embroidered, statement worthy! These all describe the Tory Burch's fall 2017 collection. This collection is one that I am eagerly awaiting. Last week Tory Burch released a few of the items for sale and I was anxious to snatch up a few. 

Why should you look to Tory for your Fall inspiration? 

Tory’s Fall collection exudes elegance and glamour with a bohemian twist. Moroccan style shoes and her iconic tunic dresses from overly embellished handbags in rich fall palettes! This collection embodies everything that fall fashion should be.


On a high note!

Tory’s handbags for fall are her best yet! First let’s look at her twist on the top handle bag. A long leather strap that wraps around your wrist as the handle, connected to a gorgeous black silhouette with rich gold embroidery. Classic, elegant and a different design from the standard evening top handle clutch.


What I am most eagerly awaiting is this handbag (pictured above). An exquisitely designed and overly embellished large statement bag! Contrasting the black fabric body are hundreds of white crystals and stitching. A perfect bag for fall to add some dazzle to any outfit. Tory offers this style in a rich burgundy (a statement fall color) as well. This bag gives you the elegance of an evening bag yet it is large enough for your day to day looks. No word on the name of this bag or the price but it should be released within the upcoming weeks.

Slip your feet into a fantasy of shoe designs!


I am gushing over Tory’s shoes for fall. Her designs come in numerous fabrics, brocades and styles. One pair I had to act fast on were the Carlotta Slides. These golden treats are a brocade fabric with a small heel and a squared toe. These shoes will go from day to night and add a twist to any outfit. Also look at her Elora Slides, a Moroccan style loafer that comes in a sunshine yellow or black. These loafers match the embroidery of some of her handbags so if you love to match your shoes and bags these are the perfect choice. 

Tory’s fall collection takes us into a fantasy world where we want to dine in candlelight and explore the fantasy world she has designed. Keep an eye out for when the full collection is released and follow my Instagram for exclusive pictures and illustrations of the fall collection. 

Take a walk on the wild side with Bally!


Bally, a Swiss brand that represents luxury, elegance and high end goods, it is clear to see these qualities come across in their handbag designs. I started to follow them on Instagram and increasingly grew impressed with their designs and style.

Buckle the sides in to create a new bag shape for spring and summer.

Buckle the sides in to create a new bag shape for spring and summer.

Have the sides open to have a wider handbag shape. Perfect for fall/winter and to toss in all your coats and layers.

Have the sides open to have a wider handbag shape. Perfect for fall/winter and to toss in all your coats and layers.

The Icon

Their iconic bag, The Sommet (pictured above) is your classic top handle style, with endless open space; perfect for us busy women who need to toss everything in our bags. Made with rich leathers and in numerous colors this bag is a great choice for your everyday handbag. The sides can be buckled in or extended out so you can create two different bag shapes! They even offer styles that will run you the cost of a Hermès bag, we are talking over $10,000! If you feel very special they offer a made to order service where you can collaborate with them to make a custom bag of your choosing. 

The Suzy bag with a playful keychain clip. A illustration from their fall collection.

The Suzy bag with a playful keychain clip. A illustration from their fall collection.


Fall/ Winter handbags

Their fall/winter bags for 2017 have a fun motif with poker inspired patches (patch work on bags is a HUGE trend for this season). Beautiful gold studs adorn other bag styles with wide clip on straps. It seems that for this season Bally has hit all the trend items to have on handbags (patches, wide straps, studs, bold colors and materials). They also have beautiful calf hair bags that add a punch of funk and fun to your outfit.


 Youth meets sophistication!

What I love about Bally bags is their ability to pair fresh styles like the patches and calf hair fabric with classic elegant bag shapes. This gives your bag more life line to go into different seasons and feel less dated.


Shoes, where it all started.

Bally also offers fantastic shoe designs. Bally which originally started in shoe design in 1851 has continued to bring us great shoe designs. They offer a collection of loafers with a fold down back (a babouche-style back) so the shoe can be worn two ways, a classic loafer or a slide in loafer. With different buckle styles, colors and fabrics they offer one to match any outfit you have. The loafers are a great choice, as we can see the loafer style is here to stay and almost every designer is making a loafer now. Bally offers some exceptional designs that you should consider when looking for loafer style shoes.


I am so delighted to have been introduced to this brand, with new and fresh designs and the classic handbag styles, Bally is a great choice for a high-end splurge. Also keep an eye out for their yearly sales where you will be able to find some fantastic deals on high-end items. Below is a video for their fall/winter collection, you can see the fun and playfulness in all the textures and fabric choices!

Discover all they offer here!