New York Fashion Week: The good, the bad & the most seen trends!

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano


It's time for a recap of New York Fashion Week. What were the biggest trends, colors, and styles? This year I found NYFW to be lackluster and it hurts to say that. A lot of the trends on the runway were a blast from the past (huge silhouettes that are not going to transition well off the runway). I kept watching each day to see what outfits and designers I wanted to illustrate for you but I was disappointed that a lot were not worth even drawing.


I will say it was nice to see some different body types include this year. But still many top designers that preach they are body inclusive had such extremely thin models. I found myself looking at their bones and not the clothes.

I LOVED Christian Siriano's show (featured in both illustrations above). Not only did he have one of my favorite artist, Ashley Longshore and her paintings on the runway but he also included many body types from thin, average and curvy. He also included a pop art-inspired dress which was a lip inspired lace look.

Ralph Lauren brought an ultra-glamorous look. Lauren's runway and the venue were art deco meets Hollywood movie star and it was marvelous. Lauren had a live jazz band that would rival a Great Gatsby party and even Janelle Monáe took the stage to sing!

Rodarte did a photoshoot of the collection. The models were actresses and stars. The pictures were as elegant as a painting. Soft floral motifs and polka dots wrapped elegantly around the models. Romantic dresses were the star of the photos with puffy sleeves and tulle to go on for yards.

But let's cut to the juicy stuff and talk about the most repeated trends that walked the catwalk.


1. Suits

OMG suits were all over the place! From the classic suit and pants to dresses with big skirts and a suit inspired structured top. This is going to be a huge trend! Lauren showed a dress which I chose to illustrate for you. It was a brilliant yellow silk paired with a vest top. Gigi Hadid wore one of my most loved looks. It featured a glitter long suit jacket with a classic white top and cumber belt. Suit jackets were everywhere from Tory Burch, Michael Kors, and Tom Ford.

So think about incorporating structured silhouettes to your wardrobe to imitate this trend.


2. Floppy Bows

The bigger the bow the better and remember keep it floppy! I was getting lost in the number of floppy bows that were on the runways. From Tory Burch to Naeem Khan the big floppy bow is back. Wear it on a blouse, hairclip, or maybe even a wrap-around belt.


3. Colors

The color spotted most was YELLOW! Bight and saturated, yellow ruled the catwalk. It was all over Tory Burch's runway. Lauren had it on dresses, and as a fur trim on suit jackets. Oscar de la Renta had it splashed with other colors as well as Trina Turk.

What's not to love about this color. It's bright and happy and uplifts your mood. Add small splashed of it or go bold with a full-on look.

Now that you have the wrap on NYFW, I am really hoping that London and Paris bring us the high fashion that NYFW lacked this year. Stay tuned for a break down of the other Fashion Weeks. And follow me on Instagram for the most up to date paintings and fashion break downs.

Dior runway review: where performance art and fashion fused on the runway!

One of the big trends, the military inspired jacket with embroidered stitching! And the double ribbon headband that the models wore.

One of the big trends, the military inspired jacket with embroidered stitching! And the double ribbon headband that the models wore.


Where do the lines of art and fashion blur? When does a runway show become more then a showcase of a new collection? I’m not just speaking about a designer who puts crazy designs on the models just to garner attention whether it is good or bad. I’ve seen some of my favorite fashion houses fall lately to more shock value designs thinking that the uglier the outfits the more attention it will get, falling into the “all press is good press” idea. 

However, the Dior spring show could not have been more opposite! This show was a true blending of art and fashion. It wasn’t a fashion show; it was a symphony of dance, inspiration, emotions and the female form. 


From the start, the show was dramatic with a dancer that was met by another dancer and a cascade of models in what is now typical Dior designs. The head design Maria Grazia Chiuir has stripped down some of that essential femininity that Dior was known for and molded into a more utilitarian form. From simplistic colors and cuts with multi layers but, don’t be fooled the tailoring is 100% Dior perfection. 

Maria was inspired by dance, the movement of the body and from the start of the show that was translated. The smoky ambiances made it have a dream like feel and the waterfall of petals that fell the entire time was a magical touch. The interwoven movement of the dancers and models was perfectly choreographed. I had to watch the show more than once to soak it all in. There was simply so much for the senses to take in visually!

At times I wanted to take in the dance, this rhythmic movement that pulsed like a beating organism but then you’d see the model seamless walk though the dancers and you’d think, the fashion look at that! 

The knitted ombrè cape with the military crossbody bag with scribbled Dior notes and writing.

The knitted ombrè cape with the military crossbody bag with scribbled Dior notes and writing.


So let’s talk about the fashion…

Lots of fabrics in pale skin tones were dominating, from full length knitted ombré capes paired with military cross body bags (features in my illustration above) to tons of military inspiration jackets tailored in a classic Dior style. Classic Dior lace silhouettes but tailored in a suiting way that gave structure and confidence.

The envelope style saddlebag with the Dior pattern decorative strap.

The envelope style saddlebag with the Dior pattern decorative strap.


Ballet Slippers Forward!

Ballet shoes from flats, mini heels and even open toe ballet style were what every model had on. We saw different versions and colors but make note that ballet inspired shoes will be a staring trend this spring.

And the saddlebag was also all over the runway. We saw a very slim almost envelope like version (good luck fitting more than your iPhone in it) but who needs more than that when you are draped in head to toe Dior!

One of the evening dresses in the dream like fabric pattern with a shimmering top layer!

One of the evening dresses in the dream like fabric pattern with a shimmering top layer!


Sparkling like a ghostly mirage in a dreamlike landscape the dresses emerged at the end of the show!!!

The dresses where layered with flesh colored sheer shirts under them. They were like a Smokey dream of a pattern with soft tones of purples, pinks, greens and blues. Then they were coated in a glimmering sheen. Other dresses included long sheer gowns with the sheer boxy under garment look Dior has started.

It has been a long time since I saw a show this captivating. Whether or not the fashion spoke to you, you have to applaud the showmanship that the house of Dior is always able to put on. They always bring a true value of art and craftsmanship into each runway show. That is why Dior shows are some of my favorite to watch and if you have a chance to watch some documentaries on the fashion house I recommend starting with, “Dior and I”. It shows you how many people it takes to produce just one season. I love seeing all the artisans it takes just to make one look come to life!

Blake Lively was spotted in the front row in a stunning Dior dress!

Blake Lively was spotted in the front row in a stunning Dior dress!


Take a walk down the runway with the relaxed and exotic collection from the spring 2019 oscar de la renta collection


The bazaar that was the Oscar de la Renta spring collection.

Wrapped up in a world of it’s out, the spring collection was a showcase of the refinement that we expect from an Oscar runway show but the house’s style is changing into a relaxed yet still very sophisticated attire. In the past where the runway was a cascade of flowing dresses, now we see a contrast with wrap skirts, long draped coats, sweaters and pants.

The new look and feel is different of course but the new designers have been able to infuse their ideas of what Oscar should be while maintaining the fashion house’s iconic style.

One of my favorite looks, a relaxed embellished velvet pant with a loose fit peasant style blouse

One of my favorite looks, a relaxed embellished velvet pant with a loose fit peasant style blouse


The spring collection was like stepping into a hip, exotic bazaar! From tasseled sweater shirts and dresses that I imagine would keep you warm on a cold desert night! To intricate patterned wrapped skirts and tunic style tops paired with flowing pants.

The flowing fabrics, lose fitting pants and draping of the dresses kept a casual and relax feel for the show. Most looks were paired with greek inspired sandals or simple heels with oversized tassels.


One of the biggest statements I have to talk about were the accessories!!!

It was a statement accessory dream land. Let’s start with the earrings!. When I was a child there was a book I read called Earrings by Judith Viorst, when I saw this show and the collection of earrings I thought of this book. I could imagine the little girl in this book drooling over the beautiful collection of earrings that were on the runway.


Some styles were a wrap around ear clip that had little coins dangling all the way down. Some featured more iconic Oscar design like the oversized tassels and golden bird cages. Others where large golden hoops with pearls. Some models were styled with just one oversized earring while others had both.


The necklaces, oh my were they beautiful! From enormous scarab pendants (painted above) that continued a mixed of an exotic and ancient theme. To more coin inspired jewelry from single pendents to multi coin tassel necklaces.

A Zoo of a handbag!

The handbags were beautiful and they offered classic Oscar styles but the one I want to talk about is the birdcage bag! It was fun and funky, something I’d expect to see on the Kate Spade runway than the Oscar runway, but the polishing and refinement of the crafting of the leather was what elevated it to the Oscar level. It was a leather cage bag but inside was a fringed suede animal. It was a perfect amount of something unexpected to make you talk



Pucci dress with the stunning Bulgari drop earring.

Pucci dress with the stunning Bulgari drop earring.


Although Pucci is currently without a creative director (we are excited to see who the position will be given to) the runway show was nonetheless exciting and a beautiful showcase of color combinations. Pucci is one of my favorite designers to paint because they are not afraid to play with mixing colors.

This collection featured bold plums, royal blues, teals, flesh tones, greens, reds and pinks. Mixes of leather and lace, solids and print; it was a delight to watch.

Matching quilted hats and puffer scarfs were staples on the Pucci runway.

Matching quilted hats and puffer scarfs were staples on the Pucci runway.


Keeping with the current trends, the show sent models down the runway carrying multiple bags (it seems that layering handbags is going to be a big trend, although not practical, it is fun to see on the cat walk).

Quilted hats and huge puffer coats were accents on many models. I love the coats because unlike typical fall motifs these would add a fun flare to a fall style. I can image wearing this entire collection on Worth Ave. If only South Florida got down to the chilly temperatures needed to wear the thick and plush jackets.

One of the Bulgari necklaces featured on the runway.

One of the Bulgari necklaces featured on the runway.


But what was truly a lovely combination for this collection was the pairing with Bulgari jewelry!!! This merging of designers could not have been more perfect. Bulgari is known for it’s festive, clean, modern and colorful designs and Bulgari was the perfect match for the pattern packed Pucci collection!

It was a dream to illustrate this collection. If you liked any of the illustrations featured above they are all available for purchase here! They are my oregano watercolor illustrations of the runway show! 

Chanel Métiers d’Art Review!


The hometown hero returns home with spot lights and applause. Karl Lagerfeld brought to us the Chanel Métiers d’Art show in his home town of Hamburg, Germany. A historic show filled with seafaring motifs and that famous Chanel tweed.


Set in the new Elbphilharmonie concert hall Lagerfeld took a music hall and made the clothing the star of the show. Kicking off the show was Kaia Gerber (get used to seeing her name) the famous daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford.  

The Essential Accessory


The essence of the collection were the caps embellished in tweed and adorning large anchors and brooches. The clothing had a mod feeling drawing inspiration from Germany in the 1960‘s. Knitwear galore draped the long legged models from thigh high knitted stocking to oversized chunky sweaters. 

The Fine Points

Details were everywhere form the shoes that had pearly bows to the interesting accordion style handbags. Cross body bags were also a huge staple accessory. But the biggest trend we can take away were the caps which, were on every single model. 

The Makeup


The makeup was a fresh, dewey face with a contrasting heavy and I mean a heavy smokey eye. The entire collection made us want to wrap up in the heavy knits and discover the city of Hamburg. This is an iconic and historic moment for Lagerfeld and as usual he did not disappoint.



The fashion weeks are continuing to bring us loads of fresh, fun and innovative spring fashions. Here are a few of the major spring trends we are seeing on repeated runways.

Pop Art Influence

Prada had a huge Pop Art/comic influence. With handbags and coats sporting a comic design with Pop Art effects. Oscar de la Renta had splashes of paint on beautifully colored dressed and suits. Emporio Armani, Arthur Arbesser and Mary Katrantzou also had designs with a Pop Art influence worth seeing.


Fendi handbag from the spring 2018 runway

Fendi handbag from the spring 2018 runway


We can’t mention patterns without naming Emilio Pucci who rocked bold and fresh colored patterns. Towel wrapped inspired dresses with bejeweled trims, kept us wanting more and more! Versace, which was a fabulous show that paid tribute to her brother Gianni Versace had a history of patterns that touched on all the iconic patterns designs. Roksanda, Alberto Zamerto, NO.21, Gucci (which is growing ever more eccentric) all topped the pattern game this fashion week.

Socks with heels!

Fendi was the king of socks with heels. Pairing already bold shoe designs that had embroidery and strips with mid calf striped socks; the style was fun and funky. Erdem traded in the stripes and went with a brocade motif heel with contrasting black socks (a style I think is more easily added into your style)

Fendi shoes with socks

Fendi shoes with socks


Typography Explosion

Whether it is the iconic logo or embroidered quotes your handbag is meant to be half handbag half sign of self expression spring 2018. Fendi brought back the vintage logo and adorned it’s pattern on large totes and small top handle bags both in the iconic brown tones and new pastel hues. I spotted the older Gucci logo on belts and handbags as well as the new logo. 

Dolce and Gabbana has adorable bags with fun quotes like, “All I need is love and WiFi”. Louis Vuitton is mixing the traditional color pattern with inverted tones and bold patterns.





A Fall collection so HOT, we can understand why the Devil is wearing Prada!


A rainbow of colors, an array of feathers, crystals and art deco elegance, this is Prada Fall 2017 and we are obsessed. This is questionably one of the best collections Prada has brought to us; it has every bit of art deco elegance and glamour all wrapped in a sophistication only Prada can produce.


What lesson can we take away from the fall collection?

COLOR, COLOR, COLOR. Fall this year will be in a class all it’s own. Prada rocks colors from turquoise blues, ruby reds, peaches, bubble gum pink, emerald green and more. This collection brings a touch of mens wear with it’s clean cuts but adds touches of femininity with ostrich feathers and brooches galore. 

If you love the illustrations scroll below to shop the designs!

If you love the illustrations scroll below to shop the designs!


The glamour of the past with the style of the present!

If you love and appreciate the art deco era, this collection will be a huge source of inspiration to you. You will notice brooch pins all over the accessories from shoes to bags. Pendant necklaces so huge they will weigh you down with style. 

Brace yourself for the SHOES!

If you could dream of a shoe collection with bold, quintessential girlie style, it would be this collection (as you can note I can’t stop drawing them! ). Perfectly pink satin heels, heels with jewels encrusted all over, funky twist with golden circles on the heel and i’m getting overwhelmed in the perfection of this collection. But Prada also gave us menwear inspired shoes (still a trend going very strong). Prada offered us loafers with feathers and crystals from slides in rich velvets with a brooch to top it off. The shoes are a candy shop for us fashion lovers and we are on a sugar overload.

What I took away from the runway show was that we can be strong, feminine women but that doesn't mean we have to wear a plain black suit. It shows us that fashion can be fun and expressive  no matter what career we have.  We can step out of the box and add fun, frivolous glamour to any outfit we choose.




I’ve had such great feed back from all the illustrations that I am expanding them to my existing t-shirt collection. Below are a select few designs that I have released! You can shop all the designs through Zazzle! I love Zazzle because they allow you, the customer to pick what type of shirt you like whether it be slim cut or relaxed fit. I suggest the fit called Bella’s Canvas relaxed (what the model is wearing). You also can change the shirt color or make it into a dress! The options are endless so have fun making it your own!

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