Looking back on 2017, we had a year of fashion to remember. From designers collaborating with artists and including social and political movements into their designs. But this the master of fashion that impacted fashion the most this year and it is without question is Gucci.

Alessandro Michele in Gucci

Alessandro Michele in Gucci


Why is Gucci the number one designer?

It’s all thanks to the genius that is Alessandro Michele. Michele has brought so many trends that I could write a book (literally) but I’ll keep it down to the top trends he gave us. 

Logo Mania has started

Logo Mania has started


One thing I noticed is that when Gucci put out an item, every other designer was sure to follow (and I mean absolutely every one from Dior, Saint Laurent, Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino and the list goes on). The Gucci effect, more like the Gucci influenza has hit the world and it’s hitting us with major contagion!


From the bottom up!

The slippers, mules, loafers: whatever you choose to call them, Gucci brought them to us in every pattern and style we could dream of. All the major designers followed with their own version of the slipper design. I myself can’t get enough of these shoes. Every celebrity had a pair of these shoes and wore them with boyfriend jeans, to dresses and travel. These were the IT shoes of the year and for good reason not only were they comfortable but they gave a masculine design to your outfit, thus making them easily to go from work to a night out. I love the ones trimmed in fur but buy them while you can because Gucci has announced that starting in 2018 they will no longer support using real fur. 

Featuring the logo sweatshirt

Featuring the logo sweatshirt


Logo mania

Logo mania came back and Gucci started this trend as well. Kicking it off with the newly designed double G logo which was featured on the belts, handbags and the sell out item (drum roll please), the logo t-shirt. This shirt was hard to keep in stock selling at a starting price of $500. It started a movement which like before every major designer followed from logo shirts to that basic t-shirt design. Gucci has added numerous shirt designs which it collaborated with artists on and I love the idea of mixing fashion with art (because in the end don’t the two go hand in hand?!) 


The fanny Pack (Yes that’s what I said)

It came back with a newly styled design. More of a purse with a belt attached, Gucci made that infamous fanny pack not only famous again but stylish. Would I be embarrassed to wear this, not if it was Gucci. It’s all about versatility, us women and men that need bags need accessibility and that is why this design made sense. 

The biggest impact from Gucci...

The bedazzle me crazy motif!! Gucci’s new design from Alessandro Michele I sum up as an eccentric grandma (and I mean that in the most stylish of ways). Everything is encrusted in rhinestones and embroidered to every inch of it’s life. But let’s look at the trickle down effect, go to any designer website and you will find a handbag featuring embroideries or crystals, from the new Dior handbags absolutely encrusted in crystals to other powerhouse designers adding embroidery patches to their designs.

Featuring the fur cape coat!

Featuring the fur cape coat!


How did I pick Gucci as the designer of the year?

Remember that part in the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada” where Andrea thinks she is just wearing a blue sweater but then Miranda shuts her down and basically gives her the history of which designer started that cerulean (not blue) trend. While as I have been illustrating numerous fashion items from major fashion houses this year one thing kept popping up. That is... wow this reminds me of the Gucci item, this has Gucci roots, this is exactly like that Gucci. The roots always came back to the trend that Alessandro Michele started. Thus, Alessandro Michele is solely responsible for making Gucci the biggest designer house of the year and I simply can’t wait to see what more he has to bring us in 2018. 



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