The je ne sais quoi of Bulgari: The "IT" brand for the top fashionistas of the moment!


A long standing name in Italian craftsmanship and superior excellence, Bulgari has withstood the test of time and remained a power house in high-end jewelry and designs. Thus, it was the perfect company to launch my new page which will feature stories on jewelry, jewelry designers,the arts and artist. As many of you know I am an artist (as well as a fashion blogger) and I am excited to share bits of the art world with now!

Now let’s get back to the juicy details and why young fashionistas are keeping an eye on the legendary house. A brief background incase you don’t know, Bulgari was founded in 1884 in Rome and if you look at the Monete collection you will see a strong ancient Italian resemblance. You will also notice a snake like movement and look in many of their designs and this has become a symbol for the brand and many of the collections I am going to mention here today. (You can read more about the history on their site here)


A unique cut 

Bulgari loves to use unique cabochon cuts which I love. The round elegance of the dome shaped cuts resembles that of ancient jewelry that kings and queens wore. It is some of their cabochon cuts that first made me fall in love with the brand. 

But Bulgari has managed to continue to reinvent and evolve their company and now more than ever it is the “IT” jewelry brand for the top fashionista to wear on the red carpet. The jewelry featured here in my photography collages is from their high jewelry collection. I chose to represent it in classic black and white photography to symbolize the iconic history of the company and the over exposure gives the mysterious allure that the company has been able to maintain throughout their establishment. Be sure to check out their high jewelry collection, you will find spectacular sculpted items that are architectural wonders of jewelry design and history.


Lately, you will find top names like Bella Hadid and Lily Aldridge dripping in Bulgari designs on the red carpet. The Cannes Film Festival that just wrapped up had endless amounts of young fashionistas absolutely dripping in Bulgari jewels. Be sure to check out Emily Ratajkowshi’s jewelry from the festival, it is to die for!!


But what I really want to share with you all today are the items that are more affordable. Let’s start with time! Bulgari has a long running history with the Serpenti watch collection (which I adore) it elegantly wraps around your wrist as if it were the snake from the Garden of Eden clinging onto it's Eve. They just introduced a new version with interchangeable straps! A very unique and youthful approach to a time old accessory that many of us either don’t wear or we opt for a smart watch version. I love the nostalgia of a timepiece and the history and mechanics that went into each watch. Bulgari is persuading this tech run world with a youthful option to the classic watch and I just can not get enough.


Another reason Bulgari is high on the top fashionistas charts is for their leather goods, particularly their handbags. Once again we are mentioning the Serpenti name and this is for their handbag collection. A famous and classic design for that small to medium size handbag for nights out and special events. The handbags are adorned with matching heads to match your Serpenti watch. Choose from endless options of leather to bold pops of color. This bag has the feeling that it will never go out of style and will remain a classic go to. These endless options and bold choice of color that is keeping Bulgari fresh, young and youthful. With never-ending designs coming out and all the young and old celebrities clamoring to wear their jewels and handbags for events, Bulgari is blazing the path for statement jewelry and accessories for the new era.

I hope this sparked an surge of excitement for you all to take a look at their beautiful designs. And now that you know what the hot items are you will be able to spot which celebrity has the jewels from this brand. But it doesn’t have to stop here, Bulgari is much more than just a jewelry company (as if the handbags didn’t prove that) they have their hands in the hotel business as well and it is expanding to Beijing, Dubai and Moscow. Decked out with the top interior designs, art, sculpture, gardens, architecture and food what more can we ask for?!

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