Is Keratin The Cure For Stronger Hair?


Let’s talk Keratin.

So here is the scoop on keratin, it is a protein that protects cells from damage and it is what our outer layer of skin is made of and most importantly for today’s post it is what our hair is made out of.

So when I came across this new company in a magazine, it peeked my interest that their hair products were made using human keratin. What better tool to repair your hair than what our hair is actually made out of. Now I know this sounds strange, I mean it did to me and I had questions like where did they get the keratin from, was it natural or lab grown? That is why I wanted to delve deeper and find out more about the science of this company. 

So let me first introduce Virtue Labs (and let me make this disclaimer that I am not endorsed by this company nor was I given any products. This is all my own testings and purchasing of the products.) Now that that is out of the way :) Virtue Labs is a new revolutionary hair care company that uses what they call Alpha Keratin 60ku. The company has extracted a strand of keratin (all natural) and used this new technology to create amazing hair products. Virtue Labs has patents and did endless studies to see and show that the keratin does help to improve damaged hair. They actually have a very informative write up you can read more about here!


So does it actually work?

Virtue Labs website really peeked my interest so I wanted to try some of their products and put them to the test because like so many hair companies that claim to repair damage hair the only way to find out is to test ourselves.

I ordered the deep recovery travel kit because it offered good travel sizes of the recovery shampoo, conditioner, split end serum and a 6-in-1 styler (a good range of the items they offer). So let’s start with the shampoo and conditioner, the first thing I noticed was the shampoo was thicker than most and I did feel that I used a bit extra so I had that lathered feeling. The conditioner was nice and thick and both items had a very faint hint of fruity scent. After just using these items twice I did notice a difference in my hair! I was shocked myself because I have been let down by so many brands that claim to repair hair. The texture of my hair was much smoother and had a silky feeling. I noticed right away that my hair was also easier to comb out and as someone with curly/wavy hair that is a big thing!


The Recovery Kit and extra travel sized conditioner I purchased and tested.

The Recovery Kit and extra travel sized conditioner I purchased and tested.


Next was the split end cream, it helped with my ends to not have that dried look so that is a plus but what I was more excited for was the styling cream they offered. Another game changer for me was the 6-in-1 styling cream, it was great, as I mentioned I have curly/ wavy hair that is prone to friz and this did the trick (no other styling items needed). Just a bit of this and it tamed my frizz and did not make my hair feel greasy. I tried this cream with a straight look and a curly look and both times it helped my hair stay shiny, looking healthy and no frizz. And it also works as a heat protect so that is a huge added bonus.

My findings!

I absolutely love this line of hair products! I honestly felt that my hair had a healthier look and feel. I would recommend this line and with summer coming around the corner and all the salt water and pool water that damages our hair these products are going to be a God send! So my findings are that keratin actually does work and it makes total sense. Why not use natural products that are made out of what we are trying to repair; our hair is made of protein so what better than protein to help repair it and build it stronger. 

My extra testing.

I loved the line so much that I went ahead and ordered the full size of their new release of the full (volume) shampoo and conditioner. When I used these products I did notice that it was not as easy to comb through my hair but that is  usually the case with thickening shampoos. I did notice that my hair had a bit more volume to it and it helped to give a bit more bouncy to my curls. I do have to mention that the smell for this line was so wonderful! Much more potent than the recovery line, it was like a spa scent of fresh fruits for my hair. If I had to pick what you should try first it would be hands down the recovery shampoo and conditioner. It was amazing and it is my go to shampoo, conditioner and styling cream now.

Here is a link to their website where you can find out more about my new favorite hair care line!

The Full (volume) shampoo and conditioner from Virtue labs.

The Full (volume) shampoo and conditioner from Virtue labs.