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I hope you enjoyed my video! Below are links to shop the exact items I used and I added a few bonus link you might enjoy as well!

I was really on the search for the ultimate hair tool that could straighten, curl and smooth my hair. I wanted to be able to plug in one tool and have one item to pack. After trying a few different items I was amazed at Amika and that is why it made my review list.


A few extra things I didn’t mention in the video, I especially loved this tool because the bristles were not silicon. I find it very import when working with a hair tool to have some degree of resistance with the pull. The silicon bristles don’t allow any resistance which in turn makes for a less effective result for your hair. This bristles on the Amika brush gave that perfect amount of pull so my hair was able to touch the heat plate.

As I mentioned in the video use the smallest brush for more of a curl and the largest for more volume. If you have any more questions post in the comments below and I’ll answer for you!