The perfect update to the low ponytail


Sometimes all we have time for in the morning is a quick ponytail and other times we want a sleek and sophisticated low ponytail. No matter what you prefer this look is perfect for you and it can be done in under 10 minutes (once your hair is dry).

This hairstyle might look hard but it is very simple and easy. It is a twisted low ponytail and then I embellished the look with this beautiful clip from APSE Adorn. I loved the twisted and curved motion of the clip because it is perfect with the hair accessory trends of the moment and the gentle curves complement the twist of the hair. You could also choose hairpins and place them in the crease of the hair. So don’t worry you are not limited to one clip style.

Let’s get started!


To start, select where you want your part. I went with a center pair, if you choose a side part then I suggest the opposite side that your hair will sit on.

Next, gather all your hair as if you are going to tie it in a low ponytail but instead of tieing it start twisting it at the nape of the neck and keep twisting the hair along the neck to the side of your face. Make sure you are turning the twist up towards the top of your head to create the same twist shape as pictured.

Place the hair tie here. Then use your fingers to brush down some hair from the twist until the tie is covered.

Place the hair tie here. Then use your fingers to brush down some hair from the twist until the tie is covered.

Once you have reached the twist to your ear lobe take a hair tie and tie it (tuck it high up under the twist). You may still see some of the hair tie visible but you can twist and wiggle down some hair until the tie is covered.

Your hair should be twisted tight enough that it feels secure and it is not able to fall out. If not then you did not twist it tight enough.

Finally, I took the wave clip and placed it on top on my wave. Depending on what clip you have you may want to play around with the location. Try to keep the clip near the crease of the hair twist (adding clips in the crease will help to add strength to your twist if it is feeling a little loose. ).

It is as simple as that! Just an easy twist and a clip and you have a fresh take on a low ponytail.


Products used before:

WET: To start I used Virtue’s Smooth Shampoo which smells absolutely amazing, like walking through a fresh garden! I paired it with Suave Professionals Conditioner with Coconut Oil, it is one of my go-to conditioner's that is inexpensive but provides great results.

DRY: I used my Dyson Airwrap with the flat brush which has replaced my flat iron (yes, you read that correct! since I bought my Dyson I have not used my flat iron at all).

POLISH: And to finish my hair and give it some added shine I used KMS defrizz lotion and Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist.

How to win the battle with frizz

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 3.49.01 PM.png

The struggle with frizz is real, and if you have curly or wavy hair you know the battle with frizz can seem never-ending. We have a lot of items on the shelves to try to aid us in our battle from creams to oils, but I was always in search for new ways to help stop the frizz.

Start in the shower

To fight frizz we need to start at the base and that means starting in the shower with our shampoo and conditioner. I have been using Virtue for over a year, specifically the recovery line. The Virtue products have totally transformed my hair and helped to rebuild my strands. Just a quick intro to Virtue (you can read more about them here) as their products are backed with fantastic science!


They use a specific type of keratin that our body recognizes as our own so it helps to rebuild our hair by reducing frizz, helping split ends, increasing thickness and helping our hair color. So by using an amazing product like this we give our hair a fighting chance against frizz and hot tools.

Bonus Tip

Two to Three times a week I use Virtue’s Restorative Treatment Mask. Having extra hydration helps eliminate frizz at the start; for those of us with curly hair, our hair needs extra hydration.


Find the right styling products for you.

I’ve tried countless hair products that claim to eliminate frizz, help your curls, etc. Some I love and some are terrible and leave that sticky and dirty texture in my hair. On my recent trip to my hair salon, I was introduced to KMS hair products and I have to admit I have never been so happy with a hair styling product before.

One major thing I love about KMS items is most of their items offer heat protection (even the hair oil!). I noticed after I let my hair air dry that my curls were more defined and had a healthy shine. The items didn't leave a sticky texture in my hair as other calm creams had done.

The magic cocktail!

My cocktail to battle frizz is to start with the Anti Breakage Spray on wet hair. I spray around 5 pumps and then comb through. Then the magic cream is the Tamefrizz Smoothing Lotion and the TameFrizz Defrizz Oil, I like to mix these two products. So I use 6 pumps of the smoothing lotion and 3 pumps of the oil and then comb through wet hair.

If you want a lot of volume then I suggest using a golfball size of Virtue’s Moisture-Defining Whip and this will help your curls keep structure if you struggle with that as well.

The products helped my curls look smooth and shiny

The products helped my curls look smooth and shiny


Bonus tip

One great thing about KMS hair oil is it is clear so you don’t have to worry about it slowly drying your hair over time. Our hair absorbs, so be careful if you use hair oils that are colored because over time your hair can pick up that color.

Using the right amount

One mistake I never realized I was doing was I was never using the correct amount of hair product. I usually just use around 2 pumps of any item but you have to take your hair thickness and length into consideration. I was told to use around 10 pumps of the hair calming cream. I found that felt like too much. So experiment to find what is best for you. But the moral of the story is don’t be scared to use the item. Since I started using more of the hair products, I have noticed a major difference.


Air drying & Heat tools

If you have time to let your hair air dry and avoid the heat that is always a plus, but if you need to speed things up then use a diffuser! Us curly and wavy haired girls have heard this time and time again because it helps our curls get their shape and bounce.

And instead of using the diffuser from scrunching down to up, I also like to scrunch from the sides to help those side waves build some structure.

To further define your waves and curls you can use a curling iron just around the top layer of your hair. This will help create a smooth and more defined hairstyle.