The breakout hair accessories of 2019: how to use them & where to buy them


If you want to get a jump start on trying some of the biggest hair trends, there is no better time to try then now, because practice makes perfect.

This year the runways were packed with hair that was accessorized and styled. But what trends from the runway have transitioned to the streets and our everyday lives? Here is the list of the biggest trends we have seen from the runways and what you will see throughout the year.

Clip it, add a Barrette and then clip it again!

More is more!

dior small.png

These accessories were the runway superstars this year! Adorning the models in every way you can think of from minimal to layered clip on clip. Layering clip on clip may not be practical for our everyday life, so what we can take away is using a hair clip and building from there. Whether it be one bold designer clip like the Dior clip featured above or you can go even more minimal like other designers did.

One of my favorite looks is from the Versace runway, it is easy to recreate and very chic. It consists of a center pair with a clean blowout look, then one clip just above each ear to hold back the hair. It is an elegant way to hold back your hair and frame your face well embracing the hair clip trend.

Pins: From vintage to modern designs!

star small.png

A blast from the vintage past, pins are here to stay and we love how they can add a touch a sparkle to our hair. One look that is stunning especially for events is adorning braids with multiple pins. If you want some major hair accessory inspiration, then look at @jenniferbehr Instagram page. They make some stunning hair accessories and I particularly love their star pins. By placing pins throughout your braid, you can transform your look in such a fast and easy way.

Perfect Velvet Bows!

Calling Marie Antoinette, bows from big and bold to tiny and barely there, are everywhere. Everyone is wrapping their hair in a velvet bow, even Kate Middleton. One very effortless way to wear this trend is to add a bow to your low ponytail. It adds a little something without going over the top.

But velvet doesn’t just stop with the bows. We saw velvet on headbands and clips, it was all over. So adding a touch of velvet is an easy way to add some texture to your hair whether it is a small bow or a bold headband.

Headbands with a twist!

headband small.png

Yes, our childhood accessory is back but in a much wider variety. For a more updated look, you can have fun and twist sections of hair around the end of the headband so the ends are hidden. Also, try adding the headband to a ponytail style but tuck the ends in your hair just behind your ears.

A huge headband trend on the runway was the knotted headband. The top knot adds a vintage flair and a fun twist. You can find a wide selection at Anthropologie from chic velvet to embellished and embroidered.

Here's a quick video of how to do an easy half up half down braid and how to add some pins throughout it at the end.