How to revive your skin at home with this 2 step kit!


It is never too early to start taking care of your skin. Our daily routines put our skin to the test, with abrasive products and environments. When our skin needs a pick me up who and what should you turn to? 

One of my secret weapons is Dr. Dennis Gross. He offers truly spectacular products for your skin and at reasonable prices for at home fixes. My favorite item he offers is his at home Alpha Beta Face Peel. Dr. Dennis offers different strengths from sensitive skin (what I use) to extra strength. This is a 2 minute process and it leaves my skin feeling revived and glowing!

It is as simple as it gets, you wipe your face with the first pad, wait 2 minutes and then apply the second pad and that’s it. I recommend using at night because after a peel you should not be in direct sun and I like to let me face breathe with no other products on. Depending on your skin, your face will be pink/red for a little bit (usually an hour or so) but once that fades your skin glows. I use this product weekly, it does say it can be used daily but as always you be the judge as to what your skin can handle.

Look for bonus kits, you can find his kits that come with a bonus bottle of his Retinol serum which I love to apply after the peel.

Daily Peel packets with the bonus Retinol serum

Daily Peel packets with the bonus Retinol serum


Below are some links to his peels with the bonus serum and some other goodies I recommend.