The key to youthful glowing skin: Hyaluronic Acid, the main ingredient you need in your skin care products to keep your skin hydrated and to combat fine lines and wrinkles!

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If you have researched or seen any skincare or beauty ADs in the past few years you will have noticed two words growing more dominant, Hyaluronic Acid.

As our science and research about aging gets better, so does our skincare products. If there is one ingredient you need to give your skin a glow and help stop fine lines and wrinkles from setting in deep, it is Hyaluronic Acid (I will refer to it as HA).

So what are the bullet points for those who don’t know what HA is and why it is so important?

  • First, our own cells produce HA but as we age the amount we produce decreases (shocking I know, haha. Is this where the saying, "shriveling up like a prune" came into use?)

  • Without the abundance of HA naturally produced it makes it easy for wrinkles, dullness, and aging skin to start to take hold.

  • This is where HA is different from Retinol because HA is a major player when it comes to keeping our skin moist, young and glowing. Retinol helps our skin cells regenerate and renew.

Consequently, if your skin is lacking a glow and needs a refresh, look for products that have HA. Don't worry about your wallet taking a hit by adding yet another expensive item to your skincare routine. There are so many brands that offer HA serums and lotions and at affordable prices!

My skin after using Dr. Dennis Gross HA for over 2 months along with using his skin peels.

My skin after using Dr. Dennis Gross HA for over 2 months along with using his skin peels.



I test tried an expensive brand and an inexpensive brand to see if there was a major difference in quality. So, I have almost finished the expensive bottle and I am about 2/3 through the inexpensive brand and I honestly didn't notice too much of a difference between them.

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The expensive brand is Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster. The consistency is a little more watery than the inexpensive brand. I did notice that after using it my skin felt like it had a glow and was dewy. The moisture lasted longer on my skin than the inexpensive brand though which is a plus. The cost was $68.00

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The inexpensive brand is a new brand I have been trying and loving! It is The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5. I am loving this brand because not only do they offer great products for anti-aging but their prices are fantastic! This cost me $6.80 ( you can see why this brand is growing so popular, the price is unbelievable). If you are skeptical about the cheap price, I looked at the ingredients and they offer good things. It not only has HA but it has vitamins, algae, and is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without oil, alcohol, silicone, nuts, and gluten. They sell out fast so be sure to get alerts when the items come in stock. The difference I noticed was that it did dry very fast which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I did like that the expensive HA stayed wet and left a dewy glow. I did love the consistency which was thicker and didn't slip through my hands!

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If your skin needs a major glowing boost, then this treatment is going to be perfect for you!

Start with Dr.Dennis Gross's at home skin peels. I have done stories on these and if you research his peels they have won a lot of beauty awards. I can attest as someone with sensitive skin if you order the gentle set they work wonders. Start slowly to see how your skin does and over time your skin will toughen up to the peels. At first, I was only able to do once a week but now I find that 2-3 times a week is best for my skin.

After your peel (only use the peels at night), I suggest waiting a day so your skin can breathe, then start using your HA serum. Use the HA first in the morning before your lotions and makeup. Make sure you use sunscreen because HA and peels can make you more sensitive to the sun because you are making new skin. Follow up again at night and add in your Retinol as well for a double punch against fine lines and wrinkles.

As always read the products and see how your skin does. I’ve tried some HA that had a lot of fruits mixed in and they made my skin very red. On the other hand, other HA serums were too strong and made me breakout, so you will need to find what level is best for you.



Love at first use!

I’ve had the chance to try a lot of great skincare products, some I love and some I’d never use again. But this is the first product I’ve tried that has 100% changed my skin! Now I know that sounds too good to be true but this brand works for me and after one use I was hooked.

I took a chance and tried SK-ii, first trying the skin mask. I left the mask on for 45 mins and I was shocked (truly shocked) by the results. My skin never felt so smooth and hydrated! All that added hydration helped to fade some fine lines as well. I kept telling my family and friends to feel my skin because it was so smooth. So after that I ordered the Pitera Welcome Kit which included the Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion and R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Cream.

The miracle kit...

After using the kit for a week I noticed that my skin kept that amazing smooth feeling and after battling extremely dry patches of skin they amazingly cleared up. I also applied the lotion to any breakout that was starting and it reduced the redness and blemish. I am 100% hooked on this brand because I see the results.

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Why is SK-ii so special?

SK-ii is famous for an ingredient called Pitera. I like to research what I use to make sure the ingredients are backed by studies and not just placebo miracle in a jar claims. For all that great in-depth detail you can read more here but the SK-ii here, but in short Pitera™ is a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. They discovered the ingredient after noticing the youthful hands of the sake brewers whose faces showed age but their hands where always immersed in this mineral and seemed to escape the harshness of aging.

Testing the limits of the hydration

Another must have from SK-ii is the Facial Lift Emulsion (I refer to it as my miracle cream) this stuff adds major hydration to skin! It has evened out my skin, nourished the dry and reduced the oil.

I put the brand to the test on a ski trip I did, exposing my skin to the harsh cold mountain winds. By the end of the day my skin felt tight, red and dry. Each night I did my skin routine and each morning I woke up with smooth hydrated skin free from the dryness of the mountain air.

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I can’t express my love for this brand enough! I hope this has inspired you to try. If you can only try one thing I recommend starting with the facial mask (you can buy a single one for $17, a lot cheaper than a spa facial and with even better results ). A tip using the mask, I like to save the case the mask comes in. It has a ton of extra lotion at the bottom and I use the lotion the following day, this way you get a little extra and get to extend the mask use!

FYI: I am not endorsed by SK-ii nor was I offered any free products to try. I absolute love this product and those of my family and friends who have tried the kits have agree that they love the results as well. As always I only blog about products I have tried and liked the results :)

Shop below!

Below are two different welcome kits, one offers a lotion and the other a toner, I have tried both. The amazing Facial Lift Emulsion is below also and the masks! Other items below are items I have and highly record as well. 

The 2 iconic lip colors you have to have this fall!


With fall just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those fall lipstick shades. Fall shades can be more intimidating than spring and summer colors. From rich reds, dark browns and creamy neutrals ,fall brings us into a richer palette. 

If you think you can’t wear a red shade I’m here to show you that you can. I once thought I couldn't wear red until I finally found the right shade. It wasn’t until I was working on a painting and mixing a lip color that I thought, why am I not trying shades that match my skin tone?

For years I tried on reds that either had a strong red hue or a red on the pinker side and I hated them all on me. Then, I decided to try a red that had some more orange tones and to my surprise I loved it!

So my shortcut key to finding the perfect red for your skin tone is this: if your skin tone is more tan with orange or yellow tones then find a red that is more on the orange side. On the other hand,if you have more pink tones in your skin find a red that goes more to the pinker side. Matching colors to your tones will give you a more classic and natural look.

Fall is not only rich reds, creamy neutrals also have a big role in our fall beauty lineup. You can never go wrong with a neutral and like red lipstick, find the right shade for you. Neutrals can come in colors that offer more pink tones or more orange tones. 

Below I listed some of my top brands and the best colors for this fall season. I added reds on the orange side and reds with more pink. Same with the neutrals. Try and try again until you find what you love and even if you have a lipstick you love, step out of the box and try new brands and colors.

How to revive your skin at home with this 2 step kit!


It is never too early to start taking care of your skin. Our daily routines put our skin to the test, with abrasive products and environments. When our skin needs a pick me up who and what should you turn to? 

One of my secret weapons is Dr. Dennis Gross. He offers truly spectacular products for your skin and at reasonable prices for at home fixes. My favorite item he offers is his at home Alpha Beta Face Peel. Dr. Dennis offers different strengths from sensitive skin (what I use) to extra strength. This is a 2 minute process and it leaves my skin feeling revived and glowing!

It is as simple as it gets, you wipe your face with the first pad, wait 2 minutes and then apply the second pad and that’s it. I recommend using at night because after a peel you should not be in direct sun and I like to let me face breathe with no other products on. Depending on your skin, your face will be pink/red for a little bit (usually an hour or so) but once that fades your skin glows. I use this product weekly, it does say it can be used daily but as always you be the judge as to what your skin can handle.

Look for bonus kits, you can find his kits that come with a bonus bottle of his Retinol serum which I love to apply after the peel.

Daily Peel packets with the bonus Retinol serum

Daily Peel packets with the bonus Retinol serum


Below are some links to his peels with the bonus serum and some other goodies I recommend.