Glitter Lips: The Statement Trend

The glitter lip is a huge trend we are seeing (it was on every model on the Fendi runway) but having huge bits of glitter adorned on our lips doesn't seem that practical for the everyday look. So how can we transition this look so we can rock it day to night? Start with a strong base color such as a coral, red or pink. Then layer on the gloss (forget the matte look). I'd start with a gloss that matches the base color then dab on another gloss that is a different sparkle color for contrast. For a more daytime/work friendly look pick a less bold under color such as a pinkish nude and layer on a clear sparkle gloss. Have fun with the trend!

I highly recommend the Nars kit below, not only do you receive 5 glosses but they give you a bold white glitter gloss to complete the trendy look.