Contour, Highlight, Contour!!

With hundreds of new contouring brands rolling out everyday it's very easy for one to be overwhelmed with what to choose. I have tested quite a few brands myself and I'm giving you the inside scoop on what my favorites were and which ones to save your pennies on. 

Lets start with the new find I just discovered, Sephora's Radiant Aluminizing Drops liquid. This product is fantastic! I found the price to be reasonable ($14) as well. The texture has a nice smooth feel that didn't cake on my dry skin. The shimmer gives a soft touch (remember we don't want to be glowing like a disco ball). I also loved that Sephora's product came in three shades, a light bronze gold which I purchased, a soft pink and a morning light. I found that the bronze and morning light were exactly the same shade on my skin tone so that choice is totally up to you. You simply can't beat the price of this product and the large amount you receive. Beauty Tip: Have fun and try the soft pink color as an eye shadow, it gives a soft romantic touch.

Smash Box: Winner Of Best Creamy Contour

I was excited about this product because you receive three full size products; a counter stick, bronzing stick and a highlighting stick (so basically all your needs are covered.) Let's start with what I did not like, the highlighting stick. The highlight had no shimmer or shine. It was basically like a foundation stick. I did however love the contour stick and it wins the award for best creamy contouring product. For my dry skin it blended nicely (which sometimes with dry skin liquids tend to cake up on my drier patches). It had a nice, rich creamy texture but not too thick where is didn't blend in. The color seems to blend well with a range of skin types. The bronzer stick I have to be honest I never use. I find that if you contour then leave off the bronzer, less is much more. But for those with darker skin tones, the bronzer stick would work great as a contour.

The Big Seller: Anastasia Beverly Hills. Winner For Best Powder Contour.

This took me two trips to Sephora to find (because it kept selling out). I have to say I use this kit the most. The highlight color did absolute nothing for me but I did fall head over heels in love with the bottom row middle color. It is very light and gives a natural touch which is what contouring should look like. I love this product for traveling because it has so many shades, so if you are at a resort and get a tan you have the option of picking a shade darker and vice versa. This kit has lasted me a long time so although the price is on the higher end, it's worth it for this amazing product. Bonus: I did find the product cheaper on amazon and I posted the link below. 

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder

I have to give a shout out to this is product, first off Mercier makes fantastic Illuminators. When I saw this come out I went running to snatch one up for myself. It's beautiful and a big amount as well. Mercer makes quality products that last through the tough work days. I love how silky  this illuminator is, it's soft to the skin and gives that perfect sun kissed glow you want. Hint, I love to use this as an eye shadow as well and as a highlight in the corner of the eyes and below the brow bone. Use this as a base eye color when doing a cat eye and it gives an illuminating pop to your eye makeup. 

Sephora: Radiant Drops